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This domain was once owned by sellers of Chanel replica handbags.

About Replica Chanel Online


Illicit activities were uncovered at the former NEW CHANEL HANDBAGS. Conclusive court decisions as a result of a lawsuit against the former owners and operators resulted in the closing of the online replica Chanel bag shop. Shopping for fake Chanel purses, totes, flap bags, evening bags and other knockoffs once found at New Chanel Handbags is no longer allowed at this net shop.

The illegal replica, in other words, counterfeit purses were being manufactured and sold illegally online by unscrupulous sellers at New Chanel Handbags and will not be returning to this domain by court order.

CHANEL has no business connection to online replica outlets such as this one. Replica Chanel bags are not CHANEL handbags and are not ratified by CHANEL standards.

New Chanel Handbags is now committed to help shoppers become aware of the unauthorized Chanel products online. We encourage everyone to join us in alerting others to take care in refusing to purchase replica items. It is important because no one wants to have their money lost to a substandard and often very disappointing purchase. It is also important because a replica anything could potentially have adverse effects on health, safety and overall well-being of our planet and all of us who share it.

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