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This domain was once owned by sellers of Chanel replica handbags.

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During the short time that NEW CHANEL HANDBAGS sold replica Chanel bags online, many promises were made. In step with promises of "world class satisfied service" and "customers always come first," the former shopping website specifically stated that they provided customers a "24 hours return policy." If not satisfied, a customer was promised that payment would be refunded less shipping charges and fees. The return policy, which included instructions for returns, advised that the customer to return the handbag in its original form without any sign of usage with tags attached.

Some shoppers may not have knowledge of the fact that, in many instances, there is very little success of returns or refunds when purchasing illegal goods, including replica purses, online. With one goal in mind, that is to acquire as much money as they can in the shortest amount of time, many unscrupulous sellers of replica handbags will do everything possible to avoid refunds. Many times customer service is unreachable, and when they are it is often next to impossible to convince them to send a check or credit. Often, even if the item is returned and a customer service representative promises a refund, the check or credit may never materialize. More often, the website will have disappeared before a return can even be requested.

If an online replica store conveys an uncomfortable feeling or seems sketchy, simply walk away. Feeling apprehension or suspicion is a sure warning to stay away. To ensure quality and authenticity choose only the genuine.

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