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Replica Chanel handbags, tote bags, wallets, jewelry, shoes, watches, and other clothing and accessories are not what some people think. Misunderstandings due to misinformation about them can be an issue. Let's set the record straight.

Some people wish to impress others with the CHANEL label without having to spend the money to purchase an authentic. A fake label, some rendered badly and a little askew, will certainly fail to impress. In fact, a fake label will just give out the opposite message. Thinking that anyone will be impressed by a knockoff is a seriously misguided notion. More than likely, disrespect will be the reaction from others who will probably quickly associate you with lies and dishonesty.

Some people say that they don't have enough money to buy the real thing, so it makes it o.k. to buy a knockoff. It is never o.k. to buy a replica. The money taken in by replica traffickers often finances further crime such as counterfeiting air bags and medicines, cybercrime and even terrorism.

There are women who believe that buying a replica is a deal because the replicas are made by the same factories. This is far from the truth. CHANEL uses skilled and talented artisans with years of experience and training. Replica factories run by networks of organized crime rings, mostly in China, often use anyone who is willing to take the job, including children. Regardless of what the replica seller may tell you, they have no association with CHANEL in any way.

Some people are led to believe that a replica purse could look exactly the same as the real one, because they are just copies that are cheaper. In general, replicas do not look convincing enough to fool even a person who has never seen one before. It will never fool anyone who has knowledge of the look and feel of an original CHANEL bag.

Some women think that buying a replica bag is a harmless act, all the while getting a bit of a sketchy feeling. If there is an inkling of an awful feeling that there is something wrong, you're on the right track. Purchasing and wearing a replica tells the world that it's o.k. to support crime and those who commit them.

Skipping the replica and going for the authentic is best for everyone.

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